The Fastest Way To Increase Your Income
Written By Tommy Bellman
It amazes me that so many men who want to be living a better lifestyle, making more money and playing at a higher level, yet, think that the key is in some strategy that sits out side of them.

Truth be told, in order to earn more money (aka paper energy) to do everything you want to do in life, you need to become more valuable within yourself. That is, you need to become the man with the SKILLS to make it happen. Want to earn 250K per year? Develop a 250K per year skill set. Want to get your business turnover to 2,000,000? Develop a 2,000,000 skill set.

Opportunity rarely comes from an external source. It’s not likely that one day somebody will knock on your door and say I have an opportunity for you to earn 1 million dollars per year!
Instead you need to become the man with the SKILLS to earn a million dollars per year. You get the picture! 

I call this increasing the share price at You Pty. In other words increasing your own level of personal value.You see, what you know has only got you so far and what got you here won’t get you there.

Most men are waiting for an opportunity and will continue to spend their whole life waiting…rather than developing their own skills and becoming the person they need to be to achieve their goals and create their own opportunities. The minute you get this the whole game changes. You start creating, instead of waiting! 

Increasing your personal share price and investing your knowledge and skills will increase your income. The more you learn the more you earn.

What skills could you learn that would dramatically increase your income? 

Marketing, Sales, Advanced communication, income creation and managing wealth should all be in there?

And the next question is 'What can you do with those skills combined with what you are passionate about to create a money making machine and have the paper energy to live your Mantastic Lifestyle?'

How can you take your passion and do it in a way that is unique and adds massive value to others lives.

By doing things in a unique way that adds value you effectively are creating something people want, are willing to pay for and can only get from you. Combined with your new skill set that you have listed above this concept will help you massively grow your income and lifestyle.

The most important thing to understand is that you are in full control of your skill development. Develop the plan and follow through with discipline and it will change your life. Read as many books as you can and attend whatever courses you can. The best investment you can make is into yourself. 

Skill development is the key to unlocking your goals, dreams, ambitions and fantasies. Average guys say investing hundreds costs too much. Funny thing is that they take the same money and spend it on a Saturday night out, escaping from MAN-NOT-TASTIC Life.

MANTASTIC men understand that it is worth investing $100 or more a week into their self-development. They understand that if they are not growing then they are dying, and they understand that investing hundreds into themselves can return them millions. NEVER EVER feel bad about the money that you invest into yourself. Become a self-made man who, no matter what happens in life, can always get the external things because he has the internal skills. Set high-calibre goals and achieve them by becoming a high-calibre man.

Take control of your time and use your disposable hours to develop yourself into a Mantastic man who has the skills to get whatever he wants in life. 

Become valuable by gaining the knowledge and skills that you need to achieve your vision. Have a few sleepless nights! They are worth it in the long run of you achieving your version of a Mantastic Life.

I have done a podcast on how to increase your personal share price and how to become a money making machine on the Mantastic podcast. It’s one of my favourites.
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