The Best Tool In The World: Day 1 Thinking
Written By Tommy Bellman
It took me NINE years to be living my version of a Mantastic Life. I realised I had finally got there when I had sold my business and I was chilling in Fiji at Mala Mala beach club (it had just opened and was and still is f****** amazing) drinking my third or fourth spiced rum whilst sitting in my little cabana hut (you can find the pic on my Instagram somewhere around December of 2017).

Sitting in this little hut enjoying my spiced rum I thought to myself what was the most powerful lesson I have learnt along this journey?

The answer? A concept called day 1 thinking. It’s pure gold.

Put simply day 1 thinking asks you this question. 

If you could start again and today was day 1, how would you live your life based on what you now know?

You can apply it to every area of your life….If today was day 1:

What would you do/change in your business / career?
What would your manbrand be (characteristics, skills, how you dress)
Would you start your relationship again with your partner or go somewhere else?
Would you live in the same city? (You are always on holiday when you live in your favourite city in the world)
What would your physique look like
How would you design your Mantastic Lifestyle?
What would you do that you are currently not doing?
What Mentors would you have in your life?

Sounds tough. But the beautiful thing about day 1 thinking is that it gets you to the truth. The best part is any day can be day 1 if you choose it to be?

So many of us guys (me included in my mid 20’s) are like a dog sitting on a nail. 

We have become comfortable in discomfort. Unless someone whacks the nail we don’t jump off it.

I was like that in my mid 20’s. I had become somewhat “successful” (not by my own definition hence the quotations). I was working in sales, earning good money, lived in a nice apartment and drove a nice car. My income had made me ‘comfortable’ (I hate that word).

From the outside my life looked amazing. The problem was that I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do in life and living the lifestyle that I truly dreamed of living. I wanted to run my own business and have the freedom to travel the world and live life on my terms. Day 1 thinking is the tool that set me free.

If you could start over and today was day 1, what would you do?
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