My three twenties F@#K UP’s...
Written By Tommy Bellman
I have been fortunate enough to meet and learn from some great “mantors” throughout my life and in doing so learn some extremely valuable life lessons. 

Had I not met these individuals I would not have been able to design and create the life that I have today or have been able to help so many other men improve their quality of life.

However, I feel that it’s important to add that my journey hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.,

Here are my top three F@#K UP’s that I made in my 20’s. I share these in case you are making any of the same mistakes and can use day 1 thinking move the needle in a different direction

 1. Staying in a comfortable JOB for far too long rather than having the balls, and the self belief to start our own business and chase my personal passion. I started TOMFIT when I was 23 as a on the side business, fully committed to it as my only venture when I was 28 and sold it when I was 31.…It grew well into a 6 figure business within 18 months. However at the time, I also had a career which allowed me to fund a pretty extravagant lifestyle…I lived in a beautiful apartment on the harbour, drove a Porsche and wore Versace, Gucci, Dolce Gabba accompanied with Louis Vuitton travel accessories. My life looked like a rockstar from the outside but looking back I should have done what I wanted to do and gone 100% out on my own earlier and given up the ‘flashy lifestyle’ items in order to build my empire faster. Lesson - don’t get trapped in comfort! 
 2. Lost opportunities to invest time and collect great experiences with family and friends and other loved ones that I can never get back. Looking back there were times that I worked ‘harder’ but not necessarily ’smarter’. I was working 100+ hours per week in my mid 20’s. If I did it again I would live a way more Mantastic lifestyle on the journey. I’d have played golf more, travelled more, spent more time at the beach, spent more time pursuing my lifestyle passions outside of work. I also would have spent more time with my mum and dad. Lesson - living a Mantastic Life isn’t all about ‘work’. It’s about living a rich life outside of work doing everything that you love in your lifestyle.
 3. I would have stacked cash. Saving or getting your first 100K or so as the CFO of your life is the momentum that you need to get into your own business & build your wealth creation portfolio to set you to be financially free earlier in life. Unfortunately, whilst I was great at creating income, I was also excellent at spending the money as fast as it came in. Where I should have saved 100K by the time I was 25 I instead had owned a series of BMWs, Porsches, designer clothes and had travelled the world with no expenses spared. Whilst this sounds Mantastic, when I was 25 one of my Mantors said to me “Tommy…it seems as though you are doing great! But, let me ask you….is any of the money that you are making sticking to the sides?”. He then sat me down to do a net asset position and all I had to show for it was around 15k, when I was projecting like I was a millionaire! Had I saved 100k by the time I was 25 and popped it in an aggressive managed fund that got say 12% money would now be 260k and in 7 more years 600k through the power of compounding. Lesson - It should be the goal of every Mantastic man to build a financial wall first and foremost.

"Build A Financial Wall For Yourself So Strong That Nothing Can Knock It Down"
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