How To Live A Life That Other Men Dream Of
Written By Tommy Bellman
​If you want to live a Mantastic lifestyle of freedom & choice that other men dream of....then you are going to love todays lesson as it shares the 10 part system that every man can follow to live a lifestyle of freedom and choice.
This system helped me build a 7 figure business…which gave me the freedom and choice to live my Mantastic Life and it has helped thousands of other legends do the same.
Life becomes a very fun game when you become the man when you learn this system.
Before I share my system of running your life like a business with you as CEO I want you to know that there are some epic trainings around it on the podcast. Episode 3 and 4 especially are killer and will go into heaps of detail. You can listen here on apple podcasts and here on Spotify
Here’s a brief definition of each part the frame work - listen to the podcast for more detail.
1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Define your version of a Mantastic Life. Your goals & your rules for living. Settle for nothing less. 
2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
The right hand man to the CEO. Get your financial house in order. Money is paper energy for living a Mantastic Life. Learn how to make it. Learn how to manage it.
3. Head Of Human Resources (HR)
Fill your life with legends who are going places. Fellow entrepreneurs, wealth mantors, high quality mates & amazing women.
4. Product Development & Branding (PDB)
You are a product. Get the skills you need (be it sales, wealth creation, learning to dance or whatever it might be) to develop yourself into a world class product. You are also a brand. So take time to make your personal brand unique so you stand out from all of the other guys in the marketplace. Want the success, car, money and the girl? Acquire the skills and create a Manbrand that stands out.
5. Physical Mansformation Coach (PMC)
Your physique is part of your Manbrand so make sure it stands out above other blokes (I’ll do a seperate email on this soon - but in the mean time check out (yep I am serious)
6. Mantritionist
Get your Mantrition sorted so you can still have a legendary physique whilst still having a social life (There is a good episode on the podcast about how to drink beer & eat all your favourite foods whilst still being in the shirts off club…It’s called Mantrition - packing your own lunch box)
7. Head Of Marketing & Advertising (CMO)
This is where it gets fun. Do you think your dream girl, mentor or opportunity are going to knock on your door one Saturday night while you are on the drinking a beer? Of course not. You have got to get in front of them and stand out for the right reasons. Hence the role of Product Development coming first.
8. Head Of Sales (HoS)
If there is one skill that will change your life it’s sales. You will make more money, bang more women & always have things go your way by learning this skill. Unfortunately for them but fortunately for you not many men learn this skill. They just keep ‘marketing’ but can’t close. Learn sales and advanced communication. It will change your life. 
9. Head Of Customer Service (CSO)
This is the gentleman’s role. Put simply ‘be the man’ who can look after all of the legends in your life.
10. Rest & Relaxation Coach (RRC)
This one is for you. Keep a sharp sword. Play golf every week, do what matters to you, have an annual boys trip, travel internationally frequently. Mantastic men know that every thing works better when it recharges - including themselves.
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