33 Maxims For Living A Kick Ass Mantastic Life
Written By Tommy Bellman
1. Define Your Mountain
What do you really want to do in life? What is your dream? Operate your plan A as though there is no plan B and as though you will die if you do not achieve it. The most meaningful thing in life is to live to your full potential. When asked the question “What is your dream and what are you doing to make it happen” make sure that you are a player in action bringing it to life and not a spectator watching others bring their dreams to life. If you live your life in general terms you will live a general life. Success is being the person you want to be and living the life you want. Follow your life’s purpose and never accept less than what you really want. Your level of expectation will have a lot to do with your level of success.
2. Write Out And Review Your Goals Reguarly
If you don’t know where you want to be in 5 years’ time, then you are already there. The #1 reason for failure for men not living the life that they want is a is a lack of clearly written goals. Take 10 minutes every morning and evening strengthening your mindset and visualising your Mantastic Life “running the color movie” and then get into action bringing that vision to life. Every Sunday, have a weekly CEO meeting with yourself where you get into “birds eyes view” and out of “street view” and review the “score” in each area of your life and see what strategies are working and which ones need to be tweaked. Make sure that you set goals with real numbers. Numbers and specifics make things real and real numbers are non-negotiable. You can’t hit a target that doesn’t exist. Break your goals down into yearly, quarterly, weekly and daily numbers. Consistency compounds and hitting your daily targets will get you the results you are after both short and long term.
3. Get Your Financial House In Order As Soon As Possible
If you don’t know where you want to be in 5 years’ time, then you are already there. The #1 reason for failure for men not living the life that they want is a is a lack of clearly written goals. Take 10 minutes every morning and evening strengthening your mindset and visualising your Mantastic Life “running the color movie” and then get into action bringing that vision to life. Every Sunday, have a weekly CEO meeting with yourself where you get into “birds eyes view” and out of “street view” and review the “score” in each area of your life and see what strategies are working and which ones need to be tweaked. Make sure that you set goals with real numbers. Numbers and specifics make things real and real numbers are non-negotiable. You can’t hit a target that doesn’t exist. Break your goals down into yearly, quarterly, weekly and daily numbers. Consistency compounds and hitting your daily targets will get you the results you are after both short and long term.
4. Work On Yourself Harder Than You Work On Your Job
The best ROI will come from an investment in knowledge. You must learn before you earn. Learn what you need to learn to achieve what you want to achieve. As the saying goes “it’s easier to work hard when you know what to do”. In designing a Mantastic Life think “what do I want to build and where do I get the parts?” Grow your mind big because once you grow big you will never return small. Whenever you set a goal ask yourself “Who do I have to become to achieve this goal?”
5. Be Prepared
You may compete against someone who is more talented, but never let yourself complete against somebody who is more prepared. As Michael Jordan says “Make the training like hell so that the game is easy”
6. Delay Gratification
Go hungry now. Sleep on the couch now! Invest in your future. Get the hard stuff done now so that you can end up being the chess player not the chess piece. So many guys settle for an average life instead of their dream life simple because they cannot delay gratification with a “must have it now” mentality that traps them to serve their lifestyle. The bird see’s the seed and thinks “mmm…. that’s a delicious lunch” and the farmer see’s the seed and thinks “I’ll plant it”, getting his hands dirty. $50,000 can buy you a nice car. It can also start you a business that can help you earn the income for a nice lifestyle that you can one day sell for millions.
7. Live A Regret Free Life Not A Regretful One
Create a list of Mantastic experiences that you would like to experience in your life time. This could include people you would like to meet, activities you would like to complete, places you would like to visit and events you would like to attend such as NBA game 7, Super bowl, Formula One, Olympics and the AFL grand final. Work your ass off but don’t make work the sole purpose of life. Enjoy the fuck out of your life and create a Mantastic lifestyle so you can enjoy the journey and the destination. Life is happening now. It’s not a dress rehearsal. Get out there and enjoy life. Do all of the shit you want to do, take plenty of pictures, journal about your experiences and do not leave any question marks in your mind.
8. Use Your Core Values To Guide You In Your Decisions
When you learn what your personal core values are and know how to fulfill them you will be happy from the inside out and will not tie your happiness to external things or acknowledgement from other people. Never make decisions that go against your core values as then you are going against yourself. Better to have the world against you and you loving yourself than the world loves you and you do not love yourself because you have compromised your personal values. In life there are really only two ways you can go wrong. 1) Break the law - don’t do that…. that’s not good and 2) Go against your personal values.
9. Build A Board Of Directors For Your Life
People who care and people who hold you accountable to your goals. Apply the concept that you learn from the best. Jump on a plane and fly anywhere in the world to be able to learn from the people who have done what you want to do. Mentors will help you avoid the mines in the minefield and speed up the process of becoming successful. Somebody who is already successful didn’t get there by accident.
10. Take Feedback Like A Champion
A good friend will stab you in the front…not in the back. Feedback shows somebody who is important to you cares. If they didn’t care they would take the time to give you the feedback. Remember feedback is most often about the “thing” you are doing and is not someone having a dig at you. When giving feedback do not attack the person, instead make it about the “thing” that they are doing.
11. Take 100% Ownership Of Your Situation
You are responsible for the results that you produce in life. And your level of happiness. A Mantastic man never blames anyone else for his unhappiness.
12. Take Full Responsibility For Your Mindset
Your thoughts create your reality. You must be practiced at creating thoughts that serve your business and life. Create the right thoughts and hold them clearly and strongly. Write them down in positive affirmation statements and reinforce them daily, even hourly if you have to. Your mind is what it is fed. So don’t feed it shit. Protect yourself when it comes to what you read, listen to and watch. Shit in - shit out. Great stuff in - Great stuff out. Spend your time with people and in environments that strengthen your mindset. Never become a chameleon under the influence of other people and environments. Stick to your vision knowing deep down with your own internal certainty that its what you want to do. Your version of a Mantastic Life is your own unique version…based off your definition of happiness and success. It’s OK for other’s not to understand it. Spending your time seeking their approval is a waste of your time.
13. Always Look For The Lessons
The lessons are more often than not in the shit that happens. Ask yourself: What shit is happening and what lessons can I learn from it? Make mistakes. Sometimes you have to lose love to find love. Lose money to make money. Fall off the bike, fall off the wave. Surfers get dumped because not every wave is a dream wave. Failure is part of the process of becoming successful and if you never stuff up, you aren’t trying hard enough. View it as an experience and another stitch in the rich tapestry of life. The tests that you overcome are the things that build your character
14. Adopt A World Class Mentality In Everything You Do
Put in 100% effort and commitment into everything you do and give it every thing you have got. Don’t expect 100% results for 50% effort. When it comes to focus and doing this. Less is more and will give you freedom of your headspace to be able to become the best and innovate at what you are doing.
15. Take Imperfect Action
There is never the perfect time to start something. If you are thinking about something remember that it’s better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than spend the rest of your life looking at the line. The jump is not that bad! It’s the wait that kills you. Starting is the snowball effect. Once you get started you get hooked and that snowball starts rolling down the hill collecting momentum.
16. Deal With Uncomfortable Situations Immediately
Often the last thing that you want to do is the first thing that you need to do. When faced with an uncomfortable situation deal with it immediately as opposed to letting it sit. This is good for both yourself and the other person.
17. Learn To Walk The Road Ahead Of You In Your Mind
Ask yourself “If I keep doing what I am doing now where will I be in 1,2,5 years’ time”. This will help you make decisions. Remember when it comes to making a decision to be decisive. Commit 100% and put your foot down as hard as possible and commit to the turn you are making. Also, when it comes to making decision remember that you brain will try and keep you safe and comfortable. You gut, and your intuition will tell you what you really want to do.
18. Use Day 1 Thinking
Day 1 thinking asks the question if today was the first day of the rest of my life what would I do differently based off what I now know? You can apply it to your business/ career, financial plan, relationships, plan for your health, city you live in….and the list goes on! Some examples could include: Would you be in the same career or business? Would you run the same business model? Would you employ the same team? Would you start a relationship with your partner based off what you now know? Would you live in the same city? Often you are one decision away from a completely different life. Day 1 thinking will make sure that you don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. 
19. Always Accept Your Worst Case Scenario
Of course you are expecting the best however whenever you accept the worst case scenario you cannot fear it because you have already accepted that it can happen. So many men are not living their dreams because they are living their fears. Always accept and understand your worst case scenario. Ignorance is not bliss in anything in life.
20. Turn Down The Noise In Your Life
Feed your focus and starve your distractions. Focus your efforts on the things that will produce the results that you want. Always think “what is the highest and best use of my time” and do that activity. 20% of your inputs will produce 80% of your outputs. Your time is valuable so start valuing it by spending time on the things that make the biggest impact. Take control of your time. There is no such thing as time management as you cannot manage time…you can only manage and lead yourself. It’s not about the having the time… it’s about what you do with your time.
21. Consistency Compounds
Be consistent. Doing the work isn’t sexy but it sure as hell works, provided you are doing the right work. Again, that’s where learning comes in. Learn everything you can because things are easier when you know what to do and why you are doing it. Whether it’s in business, your health plan, financial plan or in your personal relationships…be consistent.
22. Run Your Life Like A Business With You As CEO
Business is an extension of you. If your personal life is a mess your business life will be a mess. Your business is a direct reflection of you. Change yourself to change your business. Poor habits in your personal life always transfer into business. When you start to run your life like a business you will develop great habits that transfer into business. Think of it like this….in your life you can dig a hole with a spoon! In business you have an excavator. So get the habits right with yourself so they compound in the right direction when you own your own business.
23. Learn How To Build Things And How To Market And Sell Them
Both personally and professionally. If you can do these 3 things you will be unstoppable. Build yourself into the man you want to become by developing your skill set. Create your own unique Manbrand. Then market and sell yourself to your target market. Believe in your “product” which is you. Belief and self-confidence is like money in the bank. Put yourself out there. Don’t be like a ninja, sneaking from environment to environment without getting noticed.
24. Dress Like The Man You Are Becoming
When you dress great, you feel great. And when you feel great, you perform great. When buying clothes buy quality as you only cry once. You do not need too many possessions but look after the possessions that you do have and are proud of. Developing your own unique Manbrand and having the reputation of being an exceptional dresser is a great way to create an amazing point of difference and be noticed for the right reasons everywhere that you go.
25. Aim For A Physique In The Top 10% Of Males
Look after your body because it’s the only place you have to live. So many people in the quest for becoming successful compromise their health for building their wealth. In reality, there is no reason for this. It’s not a lack of time…it’s a lack of making it a priority. Make it a priority to look after yourself. As the saying goes “a healthy person has a million wishes and a sick person only has one”. Lift weights a couple of times per week, eat more real foods…foods that make your body say “thankyou” and not “fuck you”, drink plenty of water and get the sleep that you need. Treat your body like the high performance sports car that it is.
26. Build Your Business Around Your Lifestyle
Lifestyle is a life lived with style. In order to have a lifestyle you need to know and understand what your version of a Mantastic Life is and make sure that you plan it in. Far too many guys wait and think “I will take that holiday later” or one day “I’ll recommence that sport”. There are 7 days in the week and “one day” isn’t one of them. Not planning for recreation as part of your life leads to your stress to recovery ratios getting out of whack and you becoming tired and empty. We have all heard that saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. I don’t know who Jack is but if his life is all work no play chances are he is on the path to becoming an alcoholic, divorced or separated and in store for a whole bunch of lifestyle diseases. Make time for the things you love and for the things that “re-create” you. Chances are these things will fulfill your personal values and make you happier and more effective at work anyhow. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Take care of your #1 asset- YOU!
27. Ignore The Haters
Boo’s normally come from cheap seats and people wishing they were having a go like you are. In the same way never ever put somebody down who is chasing their dreams. Refuse to let your imagination die and stop spending time with people who pull you down. Never seek their approval as it is a waste of your time, effort and energy.
28. Seek To Learn Fundamental Principles
Fundamentals are so important as they are perennial and do not change over time. When you understand fundamentals you will understand that a method can only adhere to a principle and when you understand that principle you can always invent your method and never be trapped in somebody else’s rules or game. A big business operates under the same principles as a small one…its just the big one has a few more zeros attached to the end - what you learn small will help you excel as your business grows bigger. The same basic principles that run the Ferrari run the Hyundai. Understanding calories in vs calories out will help you design the best eating plan for you. 
29. Learn How To Become Your Own Best Friend
Learn how to become your own best friend or as we call it at Mantastic “enjoy your Man solo time”. That way although sometimes you may be alone, you will never be lonely. Take yourself out to a bar or clubbing and introduce yourself to people you have never met, take yourself to the movies, know the things that make you happy and do them.
30. Reguarly Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
If you aren’t scared, you aren’t going fast enough. Push yourself. Explore your limits. Do not settle for anything less than what you can be in life. Getting out of your comfort zone is where you will grow the fastest. Most people stall in a comfort zone that is consistent with the concept and image they hold for themselves. You cannot outperform yourself image. So reinvent it so that it is consistent with the vision that you have for your life and start behaving like that person. When the opportunity presents itself to get out of your comfort zone…take it!
31. Don't Major In Minor Things
Develop your emotional intelligence and learn how to stay cool, calm and collected under pressure. Losing your shit is not Mantastic and not good for your Manbrand. Staying angry at a situation is a waste of your energy. Emotional intelligence is a skill that must be developed.
32. Get Ninja Level Communication Skills 
Communication skills are the key that will unlock everything that you want in life. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for you not many men have refined their skill set to a ninja level. Join the 1% who have.
33. Family & Friends Are Everything
Look after them. At Mantastic we call this being a great Customer Service Manager. Call your mum and dad. Even if you think you don’t need them, they need you. Write dad a list of 7 Mantastic lessons you learnt from him and present it to him in a frame. Take your mum out to dinner whenever you get the chance. Send her a gift on your birthday as a thanks for bringing you into this world. If you are lucky enough to still have your grandparents sit and listen to their stories for hours. Look after your friends and appreciate your true friendships…the friends that have become family. Create magical experiences with them. More important than professional accomplishment and success is cultivating the relationships with the people whom you will share it with. A true Mantastic man knows how matter how far he makes it in life, it is better to be in a cottage with people that he loves than it is to be in a mansion by himself.
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