The Annual Boys Trip
Written By Tommy Bellman
One of the best parts about living a Mantastic Lifestyle is the annual boys trip

Not only is it important, its non negotiable.

If you are in a relationship and wondering if this applies to you the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!


It keeps your connection with your best mates (How many of your mates do you know that get a partner, then disappear off the face of the earth? They stop being the fun legend they used to be and you no longer get to spend time with them)
It maintains your sense of independence and gives you a chance for you to miss your partner and your partner to miss you
Here is how the boys trip works

Select the wolf pack who will be coming on this legendary mission. These are your mates with similar ambitions and values. They are also your mates that will actually commit. Every one loves the idea of this but your truly Mantastic mates will 
Make a list of destinations for your boys trips. My favourites are party places where it’s hot and there is a beach, there is a great vibe, great clubs and bars, great shopping and I can marinate in the success and lifestyle that lines up with the vision that I have for Mantastic Lifestyle (Miami, Vegas, LA, Sydney, Cancun, Euro Summer - Greek Islands). Pick a new destination each and every year and make sure that you pick the time of year that things are happening in that area! 
Schedule in at least 7-10 days and go away and have a blast. Have some epic nights out, set some massive goals while you away and create memories that are truly Mantastic.
I do my annual trip with one of my best mates Vitamin G and it is truly legendary.

There is an episode on the Mantastic podcast about the annual boys trip - you will love it.
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