The Shirts Off Club
Written By Tommy Bellman
We have a club within the MANTASTIC Program called the shirts off club. 

Put simply, the shirts off club states that:

There are 2 kinds of men in this world.

1. Men who HATE, DREAD and FEAR taking their shirt off when at the pool, beach, club or in the bedroom AND

2. Men who LOVE and CANNOT WAIT to take their shirt off when at the pool, beach, club or in the bedroom

Part of living a Mantastic Lifestyle is having a Mantastic Physique and being part of the shirts off club.

By being part of this exclusive club you will

Fit designer clothes better
Attract more women & have more sex (or if you are in a relationship remain more appealing to your partner)
Have more confidence
Fit in exotic sports cars better
AND look great at the beach

What most guys do not realise is that being part of the shirts off club is just as easy as being part of the shirts on club

It’s simple a mindset shift.

You can still drink beer, eat pizza, have nights out, crush it at work etc and NO you do not have to live in the gym - You can get away with lifting weights 2-3 x per week for 40 mins tops and be part of this exclusive club…You just have to know WHAT to do when it comes to your training and nutrition

I have a comprehensive module on this in the Mantastic program and have also put together an episode on the Mantastic Podcast which you will love!

Here is a Mini Summary From The Podcast

My belief around training is that it should take up your entire life. I like to train to maintain a beach body that is lean and muscular but so that I can still enjoy a few beers or spiced rums, eat out and eat tacos, sushi, steaks, Japanese and all of my favourite foods. 

It's amazing that most guys always think I train for hours a day but the reality is that I hit the weights for 2-3 sessions per week, perform HIIT cardio a couple of times per week and adhere to calories in vs calories out whilst eating and drinking everything I love.

I find that when my training and nutrition is on point that my life is on point. I think better, feel better and perform better in business and life. There is no point saying that you have no time as really that is just an excuse for “it’s not a priority right now”

Here is a bit of an outline on my training and nutrition. Although I have competed in bodybuilding in the past I am not an extremist. I would much rather spend my time living a Mantastic Lifestyle than living in the gym - therefore my plan is based around results and staying in the Shirts Off Club whilst having as Much fun as possible!
What I do:
• 2-3 Weights Sessions Per Week
• I generally alternate upper and lower body or do push, pull, legs training split
• Each session consists of 3-4 compound exercises
• Each exercise has 2-3 Sets in reverse pyramid format (heaviest set first, drop 10%, drop 10%) with a focus on progressive overload and getting stronger
• The main compound exercises I focus on are Dips, Dumbbell Press, Chin ups, Rows, Squats and Lunges. I basically only use dumbbells.
• Perform High Intense Cardio for around 20 Mins 2-3 x per week. I purchased a spin bike for home to make this easy and when I am on the road I will either go for a 30-minute run or walk for an hour to explore the city I am in
• Control my calories and adhere to calories in vs calories out (I'll do a seperate blog post on this)
• Treat sleep as an important part of my training plan and aim to get 8 hours every night
• JERF – Just Eat Real Food! My philosophy is to eat less food that stuffed around  with. My Diet is 80% lean meats, fruits, yoghurts, wholegrains (foundation foods) and 20% fun foods. For example, Ice cream at the movies, a chicken parmigiana at the pub or a spiced rum whilst watching sport
• Regularly eat out at all of my favourite places – Steakhouse, Mexican and Japanese are my favourite.
• Have the mentality of being in shape all the time.

What I do not do:

• Diet! Dieting sucks and is way too restrictive. There are no good or bad foods, just the amount you eat
• Do lots of sets per exercises or heaps of exercises per muscle group
• Lots of isolation work – if I was to do any it would be one exercise after my foundation compound exercises
• Follow a low carb diet
• Long boring cardio sessions
• Take supplements. I prefer real food any day of the week. Occasionally I use protein powders when I want to make smoothies and the only other supplement I use is creatine monohydrate. 
• Take any fat burners or pre-workouts.
• Go on any diets

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