Find A Wealthy Man And Shout Him Lunch
Written By Tommy Bellman
Now many of you may be thinking “what the f*#k”, why would I find a rich guy and buy HIM lunch? He’s rich, he should pay! It’s okay; I thought the same thing when I first heard this CFO Wealth Creation Tip.

It's no secret that finding mentors, or as we call them at Mantastic "Mantors" will help you accelerate your success! 

The reason for this is that they have "seen the movie" so to speak and have the wisdom to guide you down the path that they have been down and can help you with what to do as well as what land mines to avoid! 

In the Mantastic Program one of our Wealth Creation tips is to apply the PYF rules. What are the PYF rules?

Well PYF Rule 1 is to Pay Your Yourself First....And PYF Rule 2 is to Plant Your Funds...In otherwords, invest your money to get a Return On Investment.

Now obviously you can invest your dollars in shares/ stocks, managed/ mutual funds, property or business and get a great return on investment. However perhaps the best return on investment is an investment in knowledge so you become the man with the knowledge, skill set and confidence to create income and wealth.

And what better way to learn directly from someone who has done something you want to do in person! 

If you can find your own “money mantors”, as I have in the past, in most cases you will find they are very generous with their time and experiences. I always wonder why so many guys do not do this! 
Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It Is To Find A Wealthy Person & Take Them Out For Lunch
Your circle of influence will change your way of thinking and ultimately either add or detract value to your life. Add a “wealth mantor” who can help you improve your financial intelligence. 

A great wealth mantor can coach you using their real world experience; support you in your pursuit of building a financial fortress; and walk you through some of the financial minefields that are waiting for you out there. Take them out for dinner, eat slow, listen and don’t interrupt, take notes, thank them for their time.....and book them in again.

Take the time to build rapport The least you can do is invest the money in feeding them a nice meal! Remember to ask lots of questions, listen.... and eat really slow!
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